Community involvement and volunteering is vital for participants in our program to succeed. Participants in our program are referred to as members. CDI’s focus is on building a strong team, by improving one county at a time building the CDI Team. This commitment to excellence in your community will lead to teams across the state and nationwide. CDI plans to enroll greater than 5% of the population in each county served as participants of our program. This will result in jobs and careers being created for members. CDI will assist members with state and federally funded grants enabling members to start businesses in their communities. Members will work to support each other and lives will be enhanced. CDI will also help members start business by providing financial support, initial volunteer labor and technical support etc. CDI encourages members to hire other members with an incentive program.

Every community needs a CDI office. Everyone can benefit from becoming a member. Meetings are held monthly via conference call or in person. Attendance is desired but not required. Help us help you. Also, members will be assisted with housing support, job assistance, business startup, daycare etc. as funding allows.

Benefits Include
  • Business benefits (growing network of people and support)
  • Social events for members, family & friends
  • Networking for business and employment opportunities
  • Business development assistance and support (i.e. grants, no interest loans, etc.)
  • Family support or financial assistance
  • Credit counselling
  • Tutoring, mentoring, college readiness, and college application assistance
  • Safer and securer communities
Duties Will Include
  • Recruiting of more members and volunteers (10 referrals suggested)
  • Pledge to assist and support other members
  • Enrolling middle or high school students in programs
  • Planning activities for youth participants
  • Assisting other Members start business, find housing, jobs and other needs
  • Planning and assisting with fundraising and events
  • Administrative and other support

All proceeds benefit programs for the socially
and economically disadvantaged.

Phone: 336-539-1015
Fax: 1-888-234-8655